Capsule Creatures (カプセ獣, Kapusejū, means Capsule Beasts) is the fictional monsters created by Samuel Joo after his accidents. The creatures are made the nuclear energy likely enormous lightning energy project. According to Samuel, the creatures are existed to create the most powerful capsule creatures.

Exist the CapsulesEdit

The creatures are made of energy crystal source causing the electricute from dinosaur cell mutated into an different creature. Samuel didn't exist the creature from any animal data or maybe somekind of crystalized formated creature data. Extracting the data where is the creatures comes from, but Samuel knows about early creature form when it destroyed. However, the creatures' data were regenerated into more reality formated creatures. The existed creatures are more than aggressive behavior and wants to fight with another creature. Almost dying creature, but still course, an dying creature revive itself and regenerated its data. Samuel built the capsule like- similarite Poke Ball, Monsuno Cores and Battlizer called CapsuCores (which is japanese name, CapSoul (キャップソウル, Kyappusouru means Capsule Soul). Vrak reveals that creatures are made of crystal source energy which is morphs into the formated creatures. Early the creature inside the capsule, he researching the creatures were not exist, but still researchs the influence creatures is really exist because the energy crystal source causing absorbs the creature DNA then extract replicating them. Samuel and Vrak creating more creature, but he decide to call them the Capsule Creatures.

Fighting CapsulesEdit

Vrak research two creatures are friendly aggressive to fight each others. The two creatures are special effective attacks, but won't work. However, Vrak has a Samuel's dice to roll it and the creatures call you. Also he call out the capsules for a first moves.

Capsule's FossilizationEdit

After the Capsule Creatures turned fossil, King Julien reassemble or create the new fossils.

ZORD Forms and CombiningEdit

In the anime, Vrak researching the Capsule Creatures are actually transforming mecha form. The transforming mecha form is the giant size to defeat Shadow's minons like previous seasons. Also combines with other mechas to formed Mega-ZORD formation. This mecha is which is calls shout "ZORDs, Transformation!" (when they transformed) and "ZORDs, Fusion Transformation!" (when they transformed or/and combined). When they badly beaten, but they have second wave coming. When they two of them, this mecha is calls shout "ZORD, Transfer Armed Mode!". Later, he transferring into real creatures.